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The Spanish Realm

We are a semi-realistic wolf roleplay site based in the time of Elizabeth I and Philip II of Spain. You will be in one of the two courts, which side will you join?
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 Our Rules

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PostSubject: Our Rules   Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:17 am

The site is PG13, try and keep it that way.

Keep cussing to a minimum for the reason of the site being PG13.

Don't make your character overpowered, it should have a fairly level amount of weaknesses and strengths and do not godmod and any time. (This includes controlling someone else's character).

Keep it as realistic as possible; we have some humans (Elizabeth and Philip) but everyone else is a wolf so keep your wolf character's coat realistic. Your eye colour can be slightly unrealistic but nothing to far fetched like pink, purple or mood eyes.

Respect for each other is important, we want to be friendly around here. Aggression in roleplay is not to be taken to heart, it's just roleplay not throwing insults. (And make sure you keep it so that you are just roleplaying).

Remember that the whole time is not spent at sea, on land each person is of the same status really except sometimes the high status may be rude to the others.
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Our Rules
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