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The Spanish Realm

We are a semi-realistic wolf roleplay site based in the time of Elizabeth I and Philip II of Spain. You will be in one of the two courts, which side will you join?
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» The Meeting Room
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PostSubject: Xuan   Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:05 pm


Name: Xuan
Nickname(s): None
Name Pronunciation: Shoe - an
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Breed: 50% Canadian grey wolf, 50% European wolf (Spanish)
Former Rank: Crew member, officer
Current Rank: Armarda Leader
Pack: Spanish Realm


Pelt: Xuan's pelt is a dark shade of black. He has lighter patches around his shoulder and underside as well as darker patches on his back, face and tail. It is quite thick but thins off a lot in the summer to keep his temperature regulated.
Eyes: Xuan's eyes are a deep brown, almost black colour.
Build: Xuan is a heavily build fellow but he is not too heavily build otherwise that would make him less agile.
Voice: His voice is similar to a Spanish accent, it is flowing and calm.
Native Language: Technically, Spanish but has learnt to speak a lot of English.


Persona: Aggressive || Kind || Clever || Fair
Xuan is only aggressive when he needs to be, if he doesn't he is kind and caring. He will always be there for those in need and will never let them down, especially if they need him. Xuan will look out for the underdog and will not let anyone feel bullied. He is fair with all decisions he makes and will never try to do anything to hurt someone's feelings deliberately. Xuan is very clever and will try and outwit anyone to his best ability, if he can't outwit them he'll use his strength to his advantage along with his great wits. All this combined makes it pretty easy for him to make friends but also enemies. He is not a soft touch at all, if someone does something wrong they will get told off, only if it is his place to do so.
Likes: Making friends, helping out, being kind
Dislikes: Rudeness, unfairness, making to many enemies
Strengths: Making friends, his wits, his strength
Weaknesses: Being too aggressive sometimes, to blunt with things, more to be discovered....


History: WIP

Family: Moonlight || Dame || Unknown
Carva || Sire || Unknown


Relationship Status: Single
Crush: --
Relationship: --
Best Friend: --
Friends: --
Acquaintances: --
Enemies: --
Arch Enemy: --

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