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We are a semi-realistic wolf roleplay site based in the time of Elizabeth I and Philip II of Spain. You will be in one of the two courts, which side will you join?
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 Basic RolePlaying

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PostSubject: Basic RolePlaying   Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:47 pm

I. Appropriate
This site is rated PG 13 and you are expected to try and keep it that way the best you can.

II. Obedience
You should always obey the rules. In RolePlay there are rules that apply to everywhere but some that apply to your Court in specific. You should obey all of them, the ones for your Court will be decided on the first RolePlay day.

III. Realism
Although we are based in a period of time and do things wolves can't really, we are trying to keep it as realistic as possible. So no standing and walking on back legs or holding a sword normally. It will be held in your mouth, although I recommend doing normal wolf like combat.

IV. Language
If possible use the language of the time, you don't have to (if you're in the Spanish Court) speak Spanish but you can use English slang that they'd have at the time.

V. Translating and post langauge
Your main post body should always be in English, no matter what language your wolf speaks. Then the speech/thoughts can be in whatever language you wish your wolf to speak as long as you translate it either at the bottom or after the actual speech.

VI. Power playing
Don't power play or godmod, it is forbidden and frowned upon. Just don't control other people's characters.

VII. Killing
Killing a person's character is not allowed unless permission by Xuan and the person themselves is given. The person who owns the wolf in question MUST PM Xuan confirming this, otherwise someone could lie. NPC's are the ones you'd most likely kill.

VIII. Person
It is not really a rule but more of a recommendation. We recommend you use third person (eg. Xuan walked, He walked, She walked etc).

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Basic RolePlaying
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